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About Charlie

Charlie Staadecker, a 4th generation Seattleite, was raised in the Mount Baker neighborhood and is a graduate of Franklin High School. Since 1984, Charlie has operated Staadecker Real Estate, a locally-based, commercial real estate company.

Charlie's Job Corps.

The Staadecker for Mayor campaign is looking for paid canvassers to doorbell across Seattle. The Mayor's race is going to define the direction Seattle takes over the next 10 years and this job will provide an opportunity to learn about Seattle's political process and be involved in your community, all while earning a salary.

Get in touch

Charlie is interested in meeting with the people of Seattle. Do you have a town hall meeting, social gathering or if you would just like to meet Charlie click on the link below to schedule an event with Charlie.

Rev. Leslie David Braxton's personal testimony on why he supports Charlie for Mayor of Seattle.